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Friday, September 6, 2013

Random Question: "Hey Manny! Can You Tell Me About All Those Pics In Your Twitter Account? They Are All Pretty Cool! Thanks Joe D."

I'm going to start using Blogger a lot more to talk about the random things that I am not necessarily writing about for other websites. So I'm going to start voicing and blogging about the random, wacky comments, and odd questions I get on my facebook and Twitter. Some of them are funny, some are tedious and strange; others just catch me by surprise, and deserve to be shared with the world. 

To answer the question, I guess listing them is the quickest way to describe them. But here's the TL;DR answer: "They're all pics from years of convention appearances and travels." 

I'll go top to bottom column by column.

Here we go, are you ready?
Column 1
1. A friend and fan created a demotivational of me that reads "Mangod: What If God Was One Of Us"
2. Me teaching a friend martial arts techniques to use in AMT Guard @ Tekkoshokan in Pittsburgh, PA
3. Me in my "Orgasm + Donor" shirt I wore only once at AMA leading a massive panel in Chesapeake, VA
4. Me with my wonderful friend Todd Rogers, King of Video Games, sexiest man alive...I'd tap that!
5. Another great friend I met doing appearances through Virginia that became one of my buds, Greg Miller, he and I are "Black and Tan" like our beers!
6. An old employee and myself having some fun in Boston.
7. Chasing Kroze with a Bullhorn at a convention in Crystal City, VA (If don't know who Kroze is, you haven't lived)
8. Not fully visible me doing a ridiculous aerial dive onto a fellow panelist at the same event as in #7 

Column 2 
9. Me Yelling at Kroze with a megaphone @ MagFest, expressing my disdain for how manly he is! "KROOOOZE!" (which drove Robert V. Aldrich insane...derp)
10. Saying my goodbyes at the closing events of Anime USA in Crystal City, VA
11. Hanging with my Friend Edward James Olmos
12. One of my best friends Kim Cohan, "Kimmy", showing off her tongue at an event that I appeared in, Orlando, FL
13. Taking a photo with my bud Bo Hampton, amazing Comic Book Artist 
14. One of the worlds best Street Fighter Players Daigo Umehara
15. Giving out Prizes in Boston
16. Posing with Fans at SakuraCon

Column 3
17. Posing with Fans at Dragon*Con - Thing 1 and Thing 2
18. At a release party for Tatsunoko vs Capcom with Seth Killian and one of the best Street Fighter Players in the World, my friend Sanford Kelly, as well as "Kurasa", Jeff Blyden, and "Keits", Adam Heart, (two of the countries best players for the title being released).
19. Having drinks with one of my close friends and mentors, Richard Epcar.
20. Posing with an amazing group of my friends at an event in Orlando
21. Giving out more prizes to a great gamer in the Boston Area, Matt Townsend
22. Appearing at Tekkoshokon in 2009 licking the ear of it's chairman and my friend Jim Gogal, while Jeanie (his wife) tweaks his nips...
23. Taking pictures with more fans at SakuraCon in 2009 (I think...O_o)
24. I need to move this picture higher, my good friend and colleague Chris Smith

Column 4
25. Two of my favorite people in different aspects of the anime industry, Chinh Ly from Anime Remix, and Tommy Yune from Harmony Gold, before we got stinking drunk partying in Miami
26. Teaching MMA tactics as a self defense course with my wonderful friend and fellow martial artist, Joel Joly
27. Hanging with Brian O'halloran, also before getting stupid drunk
28. Recording a podcast in Ohio
29. Shooting at fellow nerds with Airsoft rifles @ an event in Ohio (and getting shot at back)
30. Hot tub time with friends after a convention appearance
31. SpookyFest 2008, too much partying messing with people that were drunkenly passed out in my after party at 6AM
32. Two of the most wonderful woman in my life that are not my wife, my mother, my grandmother, or my children. Diane Spyridon-Hetland and Natalie Wood-Faulhaber - if you don't know them, your life is not complete...

Column 5
33. I setup a domino table in the middle of a hotel hallway by it's elevators, started drinking, and turned the hallway into a party...
34. My good friend and colleague Steve Downes, who I love making snort when he laughs while eating my cooking!
35. My bud over at Cox Radio, Dangerous Dave! 
36. Leading a Panel, writing cosmically awesome things on the board...wait, nevermind, i'm on a rant of some kind.
37. Having drinks with fans at an event after-party
38. Dinner with friends and staff after a convention, throwing out the usual gang signs in a pose
39. Posing in Resident Evil Cosplay with some fans - I don't do this enough!
40. Posing with staff at an event in St. Louis

Column 6
41. Greatest weekend ever, I got to guest judge in the Kansas City BBQ Societies Florida State Tournament, eating more ribs and steak than I could possibly ever hope for in a lifetime!!! FAT AND HAPPY!
42. Presenting gaming awards with Dangerous Dave to little kids
43. Two of my favorite people, Michelle, and Sammy, your life sucks if it doesn't have a little of both in it.
44. Two more of my favorite people Richard and Ellyn Epcar
45. Random Convention, i've done 1000+ hard to keep track which ones they all are from photos...O_o
46. Spookyfest in Orlando
47. Random event appearance,
48. Massive audience in Eyecon

Column 7
Same as Column 12

Column 8
Same as Column 11

Column 9
65. Uncensored & Unscripted @ AMA 2012
66. Some of my previously sponsored Street Fighter players.
67. E3, I love it here!
68. Gaming Event in New England
69. Pittsburgh, Tekkoshokan, I miss Jim, the Speigels, Ellyn, Hoagie! T_T
70. My audience in one of my panels at a convention in Ohio
71. Really Happy Gamers, winning tournaments
72. More Happy Gamers in Boston, Cheering! Winning stuff I'm giving away.

Column 10
73. After-Party with staff, fans, and a lot of friends in Ohio
74. Wearing a Wisconsin Cheddar Head with a friend before leaving for GenCon
75. Getting Bonked on the head by fans cosplaying Ice Climbers 
76. Gamer's cheering in Boston
77. Talking to the MC's Penis and seeing if it answers my cosmic questions while in main events, saying goodbye in closing ceremonies, Tekkoshokan 2010
78. My crazy game room in Virginia 
79. My bigger crazy game room in Boston
80. Sitting in a Panel discussion making a guest appearance in St Louis.

Column 11
81. Teaching Scorpion and Sub Zero how to really kick ass @ Dragon*Con
82. Getting some random cheering
83. Gaming @ GenCon
84. One of my panels full to the brim, doing my top 25 Mech's of all time panel
85. Pop'N Music, I suck at this...
86. More cheering fans! RAVE YOU LUNATICS RAVE! Your raucous noise warms my heart.
87. Leading an epic panel with my wonderful friends and colleagues Steve Bennett, Larry Furry, Kevin Mckeever, and Steve Yun "Teaching Anime, Gaming, and Comic Book Nerds How To Talk To Girls!" in St Louis...we were invaded by fangirls and I got covered in streaming paper...

Column 12
88. Leading a huge panel discussion on one of my books
89. Gaming fun at an event outside of Boston; the organizer ended up kidnapping someone, after the event was over, and leading a multi-county car chase by the (all because he couldn't pay the event bills)
90. Big Smash Bros. Tournament I sponsored
91. Street Fighter Tournament in Brooklyn
92. Massive Street Fighter Tournament in Ohio
93. Leading a crazy 18+ panel @ AMA in Chesapeake, VA 2012
94. Tourney I took 4th in Tekken.  I don't compete as often as I used to, but I love competing in Tekken
95. A lot of us half naked and running around with Keith Apicary at SGC...You had to be there. If you haven't run around naked trolling masses of people with Keith Apicary, you haven't lived. Our friends from Life and Level are also in this picture half naked as well. Same guys got to zap me in the ass with a cattle prod that weekend, demonstrating my manliness...

So there's your answer, wow, um yeah, that's a lot of picks in that background image, a lot of wonderful memories. Hopefully I never have to list them again! O_o (EDIT-> the background on this twitter has been changed but many of those images are still there just in a different order).

Feel free to comment, share, tweet, rant, and rave...Well...less ranting and raving. @emanuelfcamacho

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