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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

That Keyboard Sure Looks Sexy Right Now...

I've been writing a lot of material lately and trying to find continued outlets for my writing. Why, well, that question is better posed in terms of what for?

I have a lot of work on my plate, but I find that when I complete certain tasks in my day to day I still end up having a good amount of time left over. Even if my normal day to day is 19-20 hours. I used to occupy my time with a myriad of hobbies that were nice. But I find that I'd rather use my time more constructively and continue to cultivate other business opportunities. Truth is, I will never be happy with anything I do unless I am in a specific set of circumstances.

Teaching - I was never more happy then when I was in front of a classroom. I've been in front of many types of classrooms, from middle to high school, teaching biology, mathematics, martial arts, corporate training education, teaching game design at the university level, project management to private enterprise, even hundreds of panels and seminars on genre specific materials over the last 20 years...etc I love the feeling, I love being in front of a group.

However, I get frustrated with the mundane activity of repeating the same set of functions across a prescribed period of time, which eventually hypnotize me into a stupor.

Writing - I adore writing...I need to serve it like a master. My fingers are slaves to this function. In truth I'm not a writer, because I don't write. I'm a typist, yet that is not the conventional thing to say, even if the colloquial term is to state a process I do not do. Fine.

I've been writing any number of pieces for a variety of websites, and companies. Things i'm used to writing on a daily basis. But I have noticed that I have become embroiled in my writing. If I am not writing, something, I am uncomfortable. I notice that if I am not working on a book, editing someones work, or writing an article for a website, I will look for things to write about.

Is any of this making sense?

Am I rambling?

I notice that my writing has become far greater now than it was three years ago, and of course come to the notion that of course it is like a muscle I am constantly keeping toned. Yet I am wondering if lately I am overworking this muscle.

Will I eventually come to a point where I will no longer have something of value to share? Will I end up hitting a floor, where the ideas no longer flow, where I have evaporated them all away?

I don't know, I guess people who write, for whatever purposes they write, struggle with this as well.

I love to write, yet I fear I will soon find my limitation.

If I don't find that limitation, will I be able to always remain relevant...

These are the thoughts floating around in the grey spaces of my world...