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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Miley Cyrus Twerking And Why Many Of The People Complaining About Her Are Ignorant Lemmings!

I've been reading so much about Miley Cyrus and her twerking antics as of late, and I'm admittedly irritated over its constant attempt at permanence by the media. About how she is so blatantly doing things that are so insulting, racist, exploitative...

No shit...

She's a pop starlet, you geniuses! She is using the same marketing tactics she's been taught to use by the various entities she's worked with that have used the same tactics since the beginning of the business.

I just read a small article - on The Wrap, stating how she is losing a cover on a magazine over this.

Are people honestly this fickle, and hypocritical? I've always thought most human beings are like lemmings, in terms of any number of situations they find themselves in, but seriously. Why is Miley getting so much blatant idiotic hate over a set of behaviors that are done by any number of other people in the media. Why is she being forced to assume a standard?

First example, of why this is stupid.

Let's look at the song, aside from her own, We Can't Stop, she is performing with Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines...A song that clearly states he wants to domesticate a women, calls them animals, and explains that it's in her (their) nature. Mr. Thicke calls them bitches, and has an unrated version of the video with these women dancing topless and rubbing themselves all over him; including the giant foam finger that others argue Miley is using so poorly. Morons on Twitter also were sending tweets commonly paraphrasing this statement "..Miley he's a married Man!", when Mr. Thicke (again as stated) has quite a few gorgeous naked women all over him in the video below, his wife I doubt gives a shit about Miley Cyrus performing with her husband... 

I also didn't interpret any meanings with my statements, those were lyrics I stated...Not to mention it has a moment in the video that states with large balloons "Robin Thicke has a big dick" -- Come on people, think! He probably had sex with the main nude starlet in the video (yes that's speculative), delusion would be to assume he hasn't, or hasn't tried...For people to complain in tweets that he is married over Miley's performance, seriously borders on insane levels of stupid.

I'm not hating on the song, or the music, I listen to it, it has a catchy beat, with the obligatory rap, hip hop singer in the background speaking a line or two in between the this case "...everybody get up" and "Wooo!".

Sure, I'm not a victim and I listen to music like this all day long, like many of us do. But I don't point a finger at someone with such arguments as to say "She's in the wrong!" it's a damn performance! on a live stage. Truth be told, all of you watching these performances are begging for shock value, and something different. When you don't get those things over time, you don't support the artist. In truth a piece of me wants to grab some of these people and tell them they need to masturbate themselves voraciously until they forget to speak, because most of them have absolutely useless things to say about this topic (and most if i'm honest with my thinking and opinion are indeed useless). 

Point in fact (I seem to have a few on this subject), look at Nascar. Many people will argue that they are not there to watch cars make left turns all day...They go for the excitement of seeing epic car crashes.

I sometimes wonder why people delude themselves into thinking they have some kind of moral high ground. I don't! I know the things that make me an asshole, and I know that I have a variety of them to contend with. I am honest enough about those things to not include myself in a mob of people that think, for one second, Miley Cyrus was doing anything other than trying to suck your attention toward her; and succeeded.

Like any other artists on the planet. Some do it with amazing amounts of taste, I can agree completely, and many also don't attract a lot of negative attention. However, how many of those that don't (actually) last in the marketplace.

Let me continue with the same performance Miley gained so much negative attention on.  

2 Chains also performed. Now, I personally don't listen to his music, because I think it's the kind of music that is essential to the functions in my body toward killing my own brain cells...But that's me, it should not invalidate any of you if you like or love his music. Some Rap and Hip Hop I love, others I want to gag. 

But his opening in the same performance featured a lot of black woman that were only there to shake their asses in as many specific manners as were humanly possible. All of which were very large asses, I might add...

We see this in virtually every possible Hip Hop and Rap video ever made. Perhaps that's an absolute statement and I am making a generalization - Because I am not going to research this to prove my point, let me retract the absolute and make an educated guess that possibly 95-99% of all Rap and Hip Hop music has a woman in some form shaking her ass for the enjoyment of the viewer, or for the purpose of lyrics in the song about shaking asses. Cite my source? Every music video I have ever witnessed. Don't ask me to cite a source, no one cares, i'm using broad generalization from personal experience.

I'm also not making that broad statement to shit on that kind of music; I'm only using it as a partial example, within all music, that there are a lot of situations where woman, or artists, are shaking there asses. Why is Miley getting so much negative attention over this then?

Is it because she's white? Because she's such a "perfectly clean cut" little girl formerly of Disney's Hanna Montana? Is it because she has a tiny little ass that most people would argue is not at all useful for said twerking activities?

I don't know, and I don't really care;  I do think this always boils down to the two most important things in life as I understand it ...Perception and Expectation...Which if we default to a great movie quote by George Clooney will equate to the main item of importance in life, Necessity.

Getting to the end of my observational rant, I am being an asshole myself. Making a (potentially) hypocritical judgment of all the people pointing out the negative issues of Miley twerking at the VMA's, spanking an enormous black ass, laughing at it with her nose practically in it, twerking up against Robin Thicke, and so on. Because I think a lot of these people have absolutely no clue as to what they are saying. They are making a judgment on someone based on the expectations of the perception that Miley is supposed to fit, under their judgment and morality according to what they need her to be.

In truth, whether she is actually self destructing, or not; she is still a pop starlet using traditionally appropriate methods to shed her old robotically controlled, Disney mandated persona - as most starlets born and bred through their system historically have...

Some people may read this and think i'm being overly critical, that's fine. I think if those people also made those moral high ground judgments against Miley without actually understanding the point of a performance, or actually assuming that she is in the wrong, among many other wrongs. Then yes, I'm an asshole, and I think those people are idiots...Stop worrying about a starlet and go read a fucking book you lemmings.

Miley will do her thing regardless...

...End rant!

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