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Monday, June 30, 2014

Witches of East End

Normally I don't watch shows like Witches of East End but for some strange reason this series, that is generally designed with specific formulaic angst for woman over the age of 18, seems to be holding my interest. Perhaps it's because intellectually I think that this show is not really that good and I'm curious none-the-less to see how it holds an audience. Regardless of its intended influence, it is supernatural fantasy, which I dig. In terms of the angst in the series, it's far better than anything we saw in Twilight

Considering that the statement I made above sounds like an indictment on the audience that may love this show, it is not. It's more an accusation of my own intellectual breakdowns of a series. Either way, it has me among its audience members now and I'm extremely curious to dissect how a show like this works for the larger female community involved. 

Aside from the various other ridiculously bad attempts at Supernatural fantasy in circulation today, I'd say this one is much closer to getting it right, than say Teen Wolf, which causes my insides to boil when I watch any portion of that show, it's just terrible and continues to insult the great film it originally was trying to re-imagine or not, as the case may be. 

While I wouldn't put it soundly in the running with a series that has more serious tones and a higher degree of horror like Salem or American Horror Story: Coven; I would say that it has a larger focus on its material than Hemlock Grove which was confused as to what it wanted to do. Something that Penny Dreadful seemingly aspired to and executed with some hesitation in its own season (which ended last night). I perhaps maintain that this shows female audience is its general focus based on the historical audience that Lifetime tends to maintain.

I will admit as a guy seeing these beautiful woman on a screen is not something unwelcome, some of the more tedious issues they deal with are. Perhaps because of the cast in general it's keeping me coming back, especially for some of the more quirkier moments. I just hope that the show grows into its scenario more and ultimately does not become an aborted clone of Charmed. Charmed was a commercially viable and critically celebrated series. I imagine to some degree some of the formula that made that series work is going to be employed here, as is evident in its earliest episodes. But I would like to see this series maintain its own identity and keep itself unique. 

I'd suggest giving it a look if you like Supernatural Fantasy.

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