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Friday, July 19, 2013

Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox Review

Very little needs to be said about this animated feature film. However, I will try to put together some words of use. I usually go the route "If you are a fan..." vs "If you are not familiar with the comics..." etc, etc.  It doesn't really matter here.  

This is one of the best Animated Features DC has made to date. Among all the animated features between the two rivals DC and Marvel, much of the DC animated features are slightly (if not consummately) better.  I say this in reference to what I thought was atrocious on Marvels behalf - ULTIMATE AVENGERS, and ULTIMATE AVENGERS 2, with some of Marvels best work in the HULK VS... & IRON MAN: RISE OF THE TECHNOVORE set of films.

To be fair both I-II were really weak films.

But for the most part, we as fans starve until we get the next DC animated film. I'm still mixed over the recent BATMAN: THE RETURN OF THE DARK KNIGHT PARTS I-II films. I loved part 1, I am still extremely mixed over the 2nd, especially with some of the weird things we saw Superman do. SPOILER: Most folks are hung up on the Batman Killing Joker scene...END SPOILER (If you havent seen this film, what are you waiting for).

Flashpoint takes place within a comic event equally named "Flashpoint" which gives us a glimpse of Flash longing for a change from his past, but by actually accomplishing this change pretty much ruins the future - completely...

I have to dig through my comics to read Flashpoint again - without remembering much of the details I went into this film almost blind. I remember the general concept in Flashpoint, but none of the details...strange? I'm in the middle of a move, which makes it more annoying to find a set of comics that are boxed and stored away...

Perhaps its a good thing, because I was literally able to enjoy the film without the comicbook nerd judgement I always have when watching these types of films.

Let me state (if it's not apparent), It was an absolute joy to watch this film. There are elements of the Golden and Silver age variations of these characters quietly embedded in the storylines DNA. We know its there, but its not overt. The voices were done by mostly familiar artists. Among my favorite newcomers to the film were Kevin McKidd (Luscius Vorenus from the HBO series ROME) playing Thomas Wayne, Batman's father; dawning the cape himself. 

We also got to see a variety of characters from the Superfriends era of the Justice League, most notably, Black Manta among a cornucopia of Atlantean characters.

Here is a Youtube video with a Legion of Doom Roll call 

This is by far the bloodiest and most violent DC animated film I have seen to date.  DC spared no argument toward keeping censors at bay, taking on the killing of children as a plot point and aspect of shock value. It makes perfect sense, this is a world torn apart by war, and the characters we meet are extreme counters to what we know. Most favorably and gloriously created is the time-altered Batman Story (did I mention this already? O_o)...That I think everyone will absolutely love! I also get some screen time from one of my favorite characters, Etrigan, poetically I might add.

As much as I love Superman, I absolutely love how he did and did not play a major role in this film. Allowing all the other characters to shine in the spotlight, without a nonsensical explanation (or lack thereof) for his absence.

Overall, there is a lot I'd love to say, but shouldn't as the film releases on the 30th and I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I think I might have already stated too much. It is in my opinion, among DC's best animated films. It made me laugh, I felt like a kid again, marveling at the characters. I had moments of surprise when I saw characters I hadn't seen since I was very young, much to my personal glee. It moved me to tears with some of the very bittersweet moments between Flash and Batman. This is almost a perfect film. I found myself constantly thinking..."Too bad it's already animated, this would have been a perfect story to convert for live action...", potentially for a Flash entry, or a weird option for the Justice League film.  It's not a stretch to imagine this as GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT is what DC based the Ryan Reynolds version of GREEN LANTERN upon...Either way, I'm glad it was made.

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