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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Book Is Written! Now It's Time For A Glass Of Wine.

I have been awake throughout the night, (more so) because of excited energy, versus my usual night owl behavior. I completed something I have had in the back burner for some time, something that started in 2006 and popped up a few times through the years. I finally grew up and realized it would begin the next chapter in my life. Finally doing so, I focused all my energy with immense seriousness toward its completion. To sit down and (virtually) not move away from my desk until this task was done. Finally, it has been.

I am extremely proud, to literally, have before me a manuscript that is ready to be polished by a couple of editors. I have put a lot of thought into this book, and I followed the advice of people far more skilled in this craft than I. I simply stopped fighting the concept, I sat down. I wrote. I didn't stop until it was finished. 

I wanted to thank (preliminary) the small group of people that were part of my intial focus groups; all of your input and feedback helped me tighten the stories and improve on my conversational style of writing. I wanted to thank Joe Peacock for inspiring me with his book, Mentally Incontinent, to finish mine. Joe also dropped various and invaluable tidbits, tips and a wealth of knowledge on me. I appreciate all the help.

I have the editorial process now to complete, a few good editors will be handling the rest of this dirty business. I am working now on the cover with some professional help, William Icquatu (photographer) and hopefully in the next few months "I Think? No, I'm Sure...God Hates Me!" will be available anywhere books are sold as well as iBooks and Amazon. I am simply just overjoyed. I am sure the moment I get my proof copy I will be just as giddy as I am right now. There will be something powerfully visceral to see my name on the cover of a book I published that isn't a student paper or an abstract --but a novel. The first major hurdle is over, I wait for the next one to scale. I'm sure there will be many.

I am still working on a number of other books and pieces of writing, hopefully I will have a few drafts completed by September. While I edit the current book.

Thank you all. 

Manny Camacho

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